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Francis Cope House 1 Awbury Road Philadelphia, PA 19138

Green Sanctuary Community Apiary’s mission is to support the continued existence of honey bees, education of the urban beekeeper, and to promote the craft of natural, organic beekeeping.


Situated on the grounds of Awbury Arboretum, Green Sanctuary Community Apiary is a community partnership with Green Sanctuary Earth Institute of Pennsylvania, Awbury Arboretum, and Penn State Extension Service. Unless otherwise noted in announcements, all classes, workshops and demonstrations will be held on the arboretum grounds.


The community apiary is an environmental education resource for public, private, and home schools. We welcome active engagement from urban colleges and universities offering environmental degree programs. We coordinate service learning opportunities for schools and community service options for businesses. We are a consulting service for those seeking installation of beehives on private residences, eligible public spaces, community gardens, urban farms, and for commercial clients, such as restaurants or hotels for roof top installations.


We rely on volunteers and donations to keep our apiary in good health and expand its outreach into the Philadelphia community as a learning resource. A demonstration bee hive is available to our 4-H Beekeeping Club. We look forward to developing more community partnerships both in and outside of Philadelphia.


The apiary consists of three producing bee hives and one demonstration photo hive for school science class visits and student learning activities. Our honey harvesting equipment is available to rent for a nominal fee.


Our long-term goals include anchoring a Master Beekeeping Skills Program at Awbury Arboretum, offering a variety of intermediate and advanced beekeeping instruction and rearing of locally developed queen bees.


We happily model our community apiary, in some respects, after the successful and thriving community apiary, Burgh Bees,  located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We will bottle, label and sell honey harvested at Awbury Arboretum to support the Awbury Aboretum.


Registration for 2012 Beginning Beekeepers course and the 4-H Beekeeping Club is open now.


For more information, contact: Anaiis Salles, Resident Beekeeper for Awbury Arboretum


Green Sanctuary Earth Institute of Pennsylvania; 267-325-6869


If you prefer to pay by check, calculate your course using the online registration form  – be sure to take the discount if you’re a member of the Weavers Way Co-op or Awbury Arboretum. Mail to Green Sanctuary Earth Institute. 261 W. Walnut Lane. Unit 1-R. Philadelphia, PA. 19144.


Be sure to include your contact information/email, so we can confirm your registration. Thank you!


Lorraine Busch, Master Gardener, Beekeeper, Instructor; Penn State Extension Service; 215-745-3835


Awbury Arboretum: Francis Cope House * 1 Awbury Road * Philadelphia, PA * 19138